SBC - 10 SEP 2019 - This week on Spiritual Breadcrumbs:

September 10th, 2019

On this week's podcast, Sonya and Eric talk about the upcoming full moon in Pisces on Friday the 13th! Believe it or not this is an auspicious day for creating a holy space for yourself.

Going back to the new moon in Virgo beginning of the month, and the new moon in Pisces back in March... What have you created/released, that you are beginning to see a change?

Can you keep the faith?

DBR - 10 SEP 2019 - Nietzsche Nihilism and current America

September 10th, 2019


Welcome to Disgruntled Buddhist Radio 


He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.

- Friedrich Nietzsche


In this episode we lay the groundwork for upcoming shows on ’Nihilism’ and its presence in our current culture. 


I also introduce, at a very basic level some of the work of Friedrich Nietzsche and what is Nihilism and how it impacts society.  


We live in a time where everything is being torn apart whether its families or nations, beliefs in faith and political systems, and the very value of life itself. 


Our younger generation is being told the world only has 12 years before it’s too late on climate change. That the police gun down young black men on a daily basis.  In 2018 police killed 17 unarmed black men and 1 unarmed black woman. While 18 deaths are tragic, it’s hardly an epidemic. 


Link to Washington Post Police Shooting Database


The reductionist view of materialism via science tells us that when you break down physical matter there’s nothing physical there. Quantum Field Theory shows us everything is just a vibration in a field.  


So what is the energy, the consciousness that animates matter and energy into self-aware life? 

The mere fact that you are a sentient being in the Universe is reason enough to honor and create your life. 


What does your belief system say about life? 

About your life … about all life on this beautiful planet. 


Thank you for listening and sharing.




SBC - 5 SEP 2019 - September Engery

September 9th, 2019

This week on Spiritual Breadcrumbs:

Sept 4th Welcome to September! Sonya Lee and Eric Thomas talk about what's in store for us this month, Astrologically and otherwise…


Check out the for Lena Stevens monthly report...

DBR - 6 SEP 2019 - Right Livelihood and Funding the Project of your life

September 7th, 2019

Welcome to Disgruntled Buddhist Radio, 


In this episode we talk about the Noble Eight-Fold Path precept of ‘Right Livelihood.’ 


How is it we fund the project of our life? 

What impact do we have on society through our work? 


We as voters determine the livelihood of others whether they are our political leaders, or the decisions those leaders make. 


We also talk about 3 current issues related to ‘Right Livelihood.’ 


1) A New York City and the Advisory Group is suggesting the elimination of Gifted and Talented education programs because of the lack of racial diversity in the program. Why would educators want to limit our children’s opportunity to succeed? 


Here’s a link to their report: Making the Grade II 


2) A pastor’s church sign says blacks who vote for Trump are mentally-ill, and whites who vote for him are racists. I think this pastor is in the wrong livelihood.


3) Hollywood … whether its Debra Messing supporting the open bigotry and racism of the pastor’s church, or the holier than thou attitudes of Hollywood despite the destructive and unhealthy messages of violence, sexual assault and stereotyped racism that is the core of their product set. 


And for good measure we talk about Democratic Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson gets red-pilled by the ugliness of the left. 


Thank you listening and sharing the show.





DBR - 30 aug 2019 - Right Intentions and lies

August 30th, 2019

Hello and Welcome,


In this episode SonyaLee and I talk about 'intentions', our own and that of others. 


From our beliefs come our intentions, and our intentions fuel our thoughts, speech and actions. Using a couple of current events we talk about the intentions of our political parties and the future of our country. 


Here are links to topics I mention in the show: 

You never really touch anything


Electoral College

NASA Information on Amazon fires 


Books referenced:

"Awakening the Buddha Within" by Lama Surya Das 

"Understanding Our Mind" by Thich Nhat Hanh


Thank you for listening, following and sharing the show.




SBC - 30 aug 2019 - This week on Spiritual Breadcrumbs

August 30th, 2019

August 29th Happy New Moon in Virgo!


Start a new health regime, project, hobby or business. The details that require attention will benefit from the virgo boost!


Plant seeds that support and organize your life so you may be more present with each moment...


Sonya Lee and EricThomas will discuss how that can show up in our daily life...

DBR - 25 aug 2019 - Free Speech Hate Speech and The First Amendment

August 25th, 2019



Here is my question for each of you.  

As a citizen, as a free person, a sovereign being of consciousness.


Who will you allow to censor your beliefs, your morals, your expressions? 


If one expresses a ‘disallowed’ belief should they lose their job ... 

Be kicked off campus?

Fined and jailed? 

How about publicly shamed with a scarlet letter? 


How Orwellian will you allow the speech police to become? 

Because controlling the speech of another IS controlling the conscience of another.


For me the fundamental questions come down to this:

Do I want to live in a society that honors and values the sovereignty of the individual, regardless of where they are on life’s journey when we meet? 


Or do I want to live in a society where I expected to surrender part of my sovereignty, beliefs and expression to group approval? 

All the way down to a child's Halloween costume. 


 Click here for the PBS site I referenced:  child of camp


Thank you for listening and sharing



DBR - 22 aug 2019 - Right View and Self-Acceptance

August 22nd, 2019



 In this episode we talk about Right View of self, and the value of a daily practice to look at the inner dialog and the messages you send yourself about yourself. 


We reference recent news stories about celebrities you are, by their own words 'disgusted' with themself because they are white. Top staffers at the DCCC, white women, quit their positions over complaints there were too many white people in the positions. 


This disharmony between mind and body is because of a belief system supported by the political left in this country. The focus on skin color is a very tribal level of consciousness, and it seems to have caused harm to these people. And it's not too hard to see the societal harm the focus on race and calling everyone a 'racist' has created. 


It's your daily mindfulness practice that will help you keep your thoughts, emotions and beliefs on the side of wellness and harmony. 


Thank you for listening

EricThomas & SonyaLee 


SBC - 21 aug 2019 - This week on Spiritual Breadcrumbs

August 22nd, 2019

August 21st We’re entering Virgo season. Are you ready to put that creative Leo energy to work? A little effort can go a long way… Sonya Lee and Eric Thomas talk about what's  transiting right now and ways to work it! Below is the link to the Feng shui site mentioned...Happy Earthing!

DBR - 14 aug 2019 - Political Agenda, Lying and your Practice

August 16th, 2019

Welcome to Disgruntled Buddhist Radio

In this episode we take a look at two topics that I really invite you to examine what you're being told, and what agenda are you being asked to believe and support. 


A recent court briefing by the Democrats that try to create a narrative about the wellness of the US Supreme Court that is counter to the behavior of the court.  I take a look at the courts decisions and their alignment on rulings.


Here's a hint, the justices vote unanimously over 40% of the time, and in their 5-4 rulings there were a number of different configurations of the justices and their opinions.


SCOTUS Rulings and Opinions for October 2018 Session


RBG Interview - no packing of  the court


The second topic we look at is the so-called 'gender pay gap' and the message you're being asked to believe despite the data. 


The link I offer is an executive summary stating that women make $0.79 cents for every dollar a white man makes when looking at the 'uncontrolled' data, which is a useless analysis of the data. 


In their own summary they then show the 'controlled' data based on time on the job, job title, location and other factors the pay 'gap' value goes to $0.98 cents for every dollar a white man makes. Executive Summary on Gender Pay Gap


We live in a culture where the data, the facts are to be ignored or minimized to push an emotional narrative. 


A daily practice will help you disconnect from the emotions being sold to, and allow you to seek the deeper truth of what is happening. 


Thanks for listening and sharing


EricThomas & SonyaLee 




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