DBR - 3 dec 2019 - Surrender or rejection?

December 3rd, 2019



 There is a large difference in energy between rejecting something, someone and releasing them. By accepting the truth in the need to let go of some habit or person you are better able to heal the change.


Your daily mindfulness practice will help keep you from going down the hurtful path of victim and second guessing and it brings you back to the truth of the situation. 


Thank you for listening and sharing 

EricThomas and SonyaLee 


SBC - This week on Spiritual Breadcrumbs 12/3/2019

December 3rd, 2019

The holidays are afoot!


Today we look at the Capricorn influences on Jupiter, Venus and Mercury Transit and it's the final countdown!


Finishing up 2019 will bring big Revelations… Mostly about yourself.

More to follow… Sonya Lee and EricThomas.

SBC - This week on Spiritual Breadcrumbs 11/27/19

November 27th, 2019

It’s New Moon in Sag, and Thanksgiving time!

The archer is inviting us to try something new, or try it a different way...or just drop it and walk away...whatever.


Sag teaches us the impermanence in life, and as we continue to ride the shift and changes in our life, holding on to the raft for dear life, we have a feeling of faith that may be just beginning to take root, let it.


Sometimes all you can do is ride it out...Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, if that’s your thing, and Gratitude for each present moment… Sonya Lee and Eric Thomas

DBR - 26 nov 2019 - Gratitude for my alone time … but what about loneliness?

November 26th, 2019

Welcome to the show and thank you for listening. 


In the last show I talked about the impact my recent 11th hour hospice sit had on me. I'm still processing a lot from it, and in this episode we examine the amount of alone time I have and how do I keep that from becoming loneliness. 


What should I bring into, or remove from my daily practice that supports my mental-emotional wellness as I age. I know I have a lot of monastic past-life energy going on right now and it influences my daily life. The question is what are the long-term issues around aging alone. 


Be well




SBC - 21 nov 2019 - This week on Spiritual Breadcrumbs

November 23rd, 2019

Today we're talking about all the shifts and changes that have been peeling back the layers… To reveal the authentic path.

It's time to make proactive changes. If you have been wondering "what's next?"

Now may be the time to listen… And act! 

SBC - 15 nov 2019 - This week on Spiritual Breadcrumbs

November 15th, 2019

11/11 and Taurus full moon.


This week Sonya and Eric talk about the 11/11 energy and house it's bringing in New higher vibrations to Earth and it's inhabitants.


Things are really showing in to high gear now, so rest and enjoy the holidays! This Taurean full moon will help you to ground in those high vibes into your everyday life, so celebrate your Life… It's only as long as your last breath..

DBR - 12 nov 2019 - Between now and your last breath

November 12th, 2019


I spent last Saturday morning with a dying person, and it invited me to examine how I envision the rest of my life and my role in the larger society.


As a hospice 11th hour volunteer I've witnessed many final hours and some final breaths with a deep sense of peace and sacredness; this time there was a more personal reflection for me. 


How well will I age, and in my final days who will, and will NOT be with me at that time? I've had these basic thoughts before, I've been a hospice volunteer for almost 10 years, but this time these questions hit deeper and they want deep answers. 


They've invited me to examine my trust issues regarding relationships, and what may be the true cost of that issue. It also raises questions regarding my life as an individual and my relationship to the collective. In particular how our current social-political environment shapes not only the future of this country, but of the entire planet. Exactly what kind of country/world would I like to leave behind? 


And it also brought up the core of my work with my clients. As a conscious, sentient being knowing you have a limited time here what would you like to do? 


Between your next breath and your last ...

What would you like to do? 

How do you plan to achieve it? 

What's getting in your way? Here's a hint ... it's you ;) 


Thank you for listening and sharing the show


EricThomas & SonyaLee 



SBC - 7 nov 2019 This week on Spiritual Breadcrumbs

November 7th, 2019

Nov 7th

Looking at life through the lens of Astrology. The influence of the outer planets( Uranus. Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune) and their long term, structural changes, will change the landscape of our physical world.

Now is the time to learn all you can, so you can navigate life in a more empowered and realistic way.

DBR - 24 oct 2019 - Perspectives you’re asked to believe in

October 24th, 2019

Welcome to Disgruntled Buddhist Radio,


In this episode we talk about perspectives and the the beliefs people are trying to sell you. 

We talk about 'extinction rebellion', political tactics and climate change. 


Here are a couple of links to topics I mention in the show:

1978 Ice age is coming

Floating garbage patches in the oceans

LIGO - Light interferometer gravitational wave observer 

Video on LIGO


Please use your daily mindfulness practice to see the bigger picture of what's going on around you. From a clear perspective can can choose useless responses. 


Thank you for listening and sharing




SBC - 24 Oct 2019 - This week on Spiritual Breadcrumbs

October 24th, 2019

October 24th: New moon in Scorpio. Time to confront the shadow, and Rise from the ashes… grow and glow…

www.intuitiveastrology.com for the material I referenced.




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